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Do You Know What Your Co-Workers and Superiors Earn, or Not? What’s a Better Workplace Policy?


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At Above the Law, columnist “Anonymous Partner” weighed in on a recent partner compensation survey (PDF) that noted that partners in law firms with open-compensation systems (a firm at which every partner knows what every other partner makes or could easily find out) earned far more than partners at firms with closed-compensation systems. And partners at open-compensation firms reported higher rates of satisfaction as well.

Only firms from large law firms—at least 50 lawyers—were invited to participate in the survey mentioned. But whether you’re from a big law firm or have a legal career that’s not at a law firm, we’d like to ask you: Do you know what your co-workers and superiors earn, or not? What’s a better workplace policy? Does that depend on the type of workplace?

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Posted by beentheredonethat: “The rudeness may just be a low blood sugar / bad day issue. I would offer him a cookie or cup of coffee and express concern for him. If I am right and he just needs a little help, his attitude will improve. If I am wrong and he is just a classic jerk, then the surprise will throw him off his game. Either way, it is better for me.”

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