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Do You, Like Santa, Routinely Choose to Work While Most Others Are Sleeping?

This week, we noted a Washington Post column in which the columnist chronicles the phenomenon of “midnight moms” who find themselves pulling late-night work shifts from home while their children sleep. A Latham & Watkins IT worker and “midnight mom” interviewed for the column who teaches an infant swim class on the side found those moms “wanted to talk at midnight. They were all keeping the same hours as I was.”

The Post columnist noted how midnight moms’ holiday obligations stretches them particularly thin. And it inspired us to ask you—whether you are a man or a woman, a parent or not: Do you, like Santa, routinely choose to work while most others are sleeping? Is sleep a small price to pay for getting to finish all of your work during a time when you won’t be interrupted? Or, most of the time, do you feel that what didn’t get done today can wait until the morning without particularly bad consequences?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Self-Employed: “I bill on average (as my goal) 20-25 hours per week = 1080 hours per year and I take at least four weeks off, only work weekends when I need to (as you can get more accomplished on the weekend) and bring in 100 percent of the receipts less expenses/overhead (which I keep very low). This allows me to make comfortably over $300,000 per year, stay happily married and actually be a dad to our daughter.”

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