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Do you think that curtailing telecommuting is best for the bottom line?


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It made headlines last month when Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that those who had been working from home needed to start working from the Yahoo office.

At the time, San Francisco State University management professor John Sullivan said Mayer’s conclusion about the benefits of collaboration is right, if the focus is on innovation. People who work from home are less innovative—but much more productive, Mayer said, citing studies on the subject. “If you want innovation, then you need interaction,” he said. “If you want productivity, then you want people working from home.”

We have already asked you how many hours per week you telecommute and whether you are more productive working in the office or from home. So this week we’d like to ask you to consider all of it and tell us: Do you think that curtailing telecommuting is best for the bottom line?

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Posted by SH: “I see problems with ‘their’ vs. ‘there’ vs. ‘they’re’ all the time. I also see possessives mistaken for plurals and vice versa. Mr. Garner won’t like either one of these, but I see people mistake ‘therefore’ and ‘therefor’ often as well. My own personal demon that I always struggle with (I hope I have it right here) is ‘occasion.’ For some reason, I can never remember whether it has one or two C’s and one or two S’s. I am otherwise a very good speller (typing is my problem).”

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