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Don’t Feel Left Out--There’s Still a Lot of Blackberry Love in Law Offices


BlackBerry PlayBook debuts April 19.

For those lawyers who are crazy about their crackberries, yet secretly long for the functionality of the iPad—say hello to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The market’s latest tablet made a surprise appearance at an ABA Techshow session on Wednesday courtesy of speakers Donna Neff and Dan Pinnington.

The PlayBook, which debuts April 19, is a 7-inch smart tablet that functions like the Blackberry Torch and syncs with Blackberry smartphones when the two items are in close proximity. This allows users to view whatever data is on their phone on the larger PlayBook screen. Once the connection breaks, the images can no longer be viewed on the tablet. And both share BlackBerry’s vaunted security.

The session also included discussion of basic Blackberry controls, such as email shortcuts designed to save your thumbs from Blackberry fatigue, and some essential apps.

A few of our favorites:

BlackBerry Protect: This app, which allows users to automatically back up data to the RIM server, pinpoints lost or stolen devices on Google maps and sends messages and wipes data remotely.

SpeakWrite: A voice-to-document dictation service that allows you to record and send email.

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife: Frozen Blackberry? This freeware Windows app can control, configure and back up third-party apps, and also load alternate operating systems.

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