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EBay Listing Purports to Sell Law Degree


Updated: A listing on eBay supposedly written by an unhappy law grad is hawking a DePaul law degree. The starting bid is $100,000. At this writing, there were no takers.

“So America… just how much is an education worth?” the listing says. “Let’s find out. Up for sale is my law degree. Yes, you read correctly. Three years and $100,000 plus of debt for your pleasure.

“Why am I selling this great item? Because it has been nothing but a curse and aggrevation [sic] in my life. Going to school for this degree has been a joke, and has only brought me stress and misery. This degree has been a great invitation to work at least 60 hours a week at a place where I don’t want to be for people that I don’t care about. …

“Believe it or not, the extensive job dissatisfaction amongst lawyers, high suicide rates, and failed personal relationships that lawyers have isn’t enough to convince others that it’s not a healthy, worthy pursuit. And of course even if I would be happier as a bartender, I couldn’t afford to pay back the loans needed to earn this degree.”

Above the Law reports that the listing appears to be an attempt to promote an adult entertainment website. The name “David J. Wold” appears on the law degree. A search of the roster for Illinois attorneys did not produce a listing for David Wold. DePaul confirms Wold was a student and earned his degree at the school.

A hat tip to TaxProf blog, which noted the listing.

Updated at 10:30 AM to clarify that David Wold is the name on the law degree, and no bids had been made at press time. Updated again at 4:29 PM to add details from DePaul.

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