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Estate of Slain Gun-Rights Advocate Loses $1M Suit Over Brief Loss of Concealed-Carry Permit

Saying that concealed-carry regulations have traditionally been recognized as valid under the Second Amendment, a federal district court in central Pennsylvania has dismissed a federal lawsuit against a local sheriff in the Harrisburg area.

The suit was brought by a woman whose concealed-carry permit was temporarily lifted after she took a loaded handgun in plain sight to a children’s soccer game in 2008. It sought $1 million for emotional distress and loss of customers from a home daycare business she and her husband operated.

Plaintiff Meleanie Hain, who became a national symbol for gun rights, was not able to pursue the suit personally because she was shot and killed at home in 2009 by her estranged husband in a murder-suicide. However, her estate continued with the litigation, according to the Harrisburg Patriot-News and the Associated Press.

Earlier Patriot-News and Associated Press articles provide additional details about Hain’s death and her federal lawsuit against Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo.

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