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Former Top Drug Prosecutor Gets 9 Months in Crack Case; Judge Calls Prior Probation Deal 'Offensive'

Once the top drug prosecutor in Clark County, Nev., a former deputy district attorney has been sentenced to serve nine months in a felony cocaine-possession case after allegedly buying a $40 rock of crack cocaine in a neighborhood near the Las Vegas Strip last year.

David Schubert apologized and was scolded by the judge, who called him a “disgrace” and said an earlier plea deal that would have given Schubert probation and a chance to expunge his record “offensive,” according to the Associated Press and Fox 5 News.

The rest of Schubert’s 40-month sentence was suspended, and he will be on probation for three years after serving nine months in jail.

While still a prosecutor, he oversaw cases against Paris Hilton and singer Bruno Mars.

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