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Exhumation of Lottery Winner's Remains Is Ordered by Judge

After a concerned relative alerted authorities to suspicions about an Illinois lottery winner’s death, the man’s remains will now be more closely examined.

Cook County Judge Susan Coleman agreed to a prosecution request to exhume Urooj Khan, who died from cyanide poisoning in July after winning the Illinois Lottery, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Prosecutors, who haven’t named any suspects in the case, are investigating the circumstances of Khan’s death, which was initially classified as cardiovascular disease. But after a relative called the county’s medical examiner’s office, toxicology tests revealed Khan was poisoned. His death was reclassified as a homicide. The exhumation is expected to help prosecutors determine how the cyanide got into Khan’s system.

Khan, who owned three dry-cleaning businesses in the Chicago area, won $1 million in June from a scratch-off Illinois Lottery game, ABC News reports.

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