Federal Judge Pans Pimp Who Owed $146K in Child Support to 10 Women

U.S. District Judge of Rudolph Randa had little sympathy for a convicted pimp last Thursday when he sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

But Randa did express empathy for 10 women owed $146,000 in child support for the pimp’s 12 children, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog Proof & Hearsay.

“How do you satisfy 10 women?” Randa asked the defendant, Sean Patrick. “I can’t even satisfy my wife.”

After some courtroom laughter, Randa clarified that it takes constant personal attention to make relationships work, the blog says. Randa also noted that Patrick never paid taxes on his pimping income and accused him of “freeloading off the system,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported last week.

Randa said the 30-year sentence for a child trafficking conspiracy should be served separately from a 20-year sentence for killing a man suspected of trying to recruit Patrick’s prostitutes.

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