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How long does it take you to get down to work after you arrive at your office?


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It’s a situation familiar to many: Once you’ve sampled the baked goods brought in by a co-worker, jumped into a conversation with some other co-workers, sorted through dozens of worthless emails and perhaps (bless your heart) taken your first look of the day through, you look at the clock and see that it’s a bit later than you thought.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: From the time you get into your office, how long does it take before you get down to work? And fess up to your primary distractions: Snacking? Office chatter? Checking out the latest on Web tabloids? Please also share if you’ve had bad habits and managed to break or otherwise compensate for them.

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Posted by Great Question: One (1) Pot: “Geez, a bunch of lightweights. I generally drink one (1) full pot myself. I am embarrassed to admit this because the amount is so high, but I spend a lot of money at Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean, a real lot. A real, real lot. It is terrible. I tried to stop coffee cold, obviously that lasted about a day—half a day.”

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