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Question of the Week

Given the Power, What Would You Ban?

Posted Mar 4, 2009 3:05 PM CDT
By Molly McDonough

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Banned Books Week isn’t for another few months, but toy makers may be watching how the American Library Association rallies in support of controversial literature if one West Virginia lawmaker gets his way and bans Barbie dolls from his state.

The push by Delegate Jeff Eldridge (D-Lincoln County) for Barbie's early retirement in West Virginia comes on the eve of the doll's 50th birthday March 9. Eldridge has said he wants Barbie and similar toys banned because they teach girls that physical beauty rather than intelligence is what counts.

This Operation Eliminate Barbie made us wonder what you’d knock off the store shelves or out of the atmosphere if you could.

Tell us…

Given the power, what would you ban? No need to limit your answers to products. Feel free to tell us about behaviors you’d nix.

Answer in the comments section.

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Our Favorite Answer:

Posted by Blake: "Great TV spin off idea…... 'The Secret Life of Supreme Court Justices' or 'The Secret Life of Justice Scalia.' This would be like the TV show 'House' but Scalia is the justice version of House."


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