Gonzales Unfazed, Still "Sprinting" on Job

Embattled U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales appeared unfazed at a lunchtime lecture in Miami, despite a pending Senate no-confidence vote scheduled for later in the day.

The vote would have no binding effect, even if it passes, but is considered an unusual historical black mark. However, many lawmakers’ expressed doubts about his ability to do his job and ongoing investigations by House and Senate committees will not prevent him from “sprinting” through his remaining 18 months in office, the AG told reporters after his speech at a nuclear terrorism conference, the Miami Herald reports.

After one reporter read from a New York Times editorial that said the attorney general’s management of the Justice Department was marked by “incompetence, chaos and malfeasance,” Gonzales said he hadn’t read the editorial. But, he continued, “I remain focused on the 18 months left in this administration,” the Herald says, and said he is ”sprinting to the finish line,” a year and a half from now, when his term in office expires. ”The Department is not going to stumble, nor crawl to the finish line,” he added.

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