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Have you taken a personality test for a job or any other reason? If so, was it a useful tool?


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Last month, we noted that some law firms are following the lead of their corporate clients and using personality tests to help them decide which potential hires would be the best fit for their firm.

“The point here,” attorney and psychologist Larry Richard told the American Lawyer, “is to gauge how compatible is this person with a job, a role, a culture, a place.” Richard’s consulting firm, LawyerBrain, administers personality tests and other tests measuring emotional intelligence.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Have you taken a personality test for a job or any other reason? If so, was it a useful tool?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Former Big Law: “Every day I would drive around the block a few times before I could make myself enter the parking garage. It kept getting worse, and I knew that someday I would never be able to force myself to go in. Then it got to where I couldn’t stay awake at my desk, even if I had gotten plenty of sleep. The minute I sat down, it felt like I’d taken an Ambien. The other associates thought I was brave for going out on my own, which I thought was hilarious because it wasn’t brave at all—I simply didn’t have a choice. I loathed that firm so much my body was was going to stop me from working there one way or another.”

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