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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Get Each Night? Is It Enough?

This week, we noted a survey that stated lawyers, on average, are the second-most sleep-deprived professionals, getting an average of seven hours of sleep each night, according to a survey compiled by the Sleepy’s mattress chain, which hired researchers to analyze the results of the national Health Interview Survey.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Is it enough? If you’re not sleeping enough, what’s keeping you up? Is it work obligations, household obligations, your desire to spend time with loved ones or friends, or a chronic inability to fall asleep and / or stay asleep that’s not necessarily related to any of the above?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Philip S. Kappes: “My greatest movie line was not a spoken line, rather it was the last scene in A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise is exiting the courtroom. He pauses, turns to the vacant room and smiles. Any litigating lawyer will recognize that smile. When the days, weeks and perhaps years of preparation, and the intense effort that goes into the presentation of evidence and argument in a case is over and you have won; there is no greater feeling of satisfaction and no greater reward that life can give a lawyer than a job well and truly done.”

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