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How much do you spend on clothes for work? Do you have trouble sticking to a budget?


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Last week at Corporette, blogger Kat Griffin asked her readers what their annual clothes budget is—if they have one. And also last week, blog The Jane Dough noted a 2012 United Kingdom survey suggesting that women there spend 18 percent of their salaries on their work wardrobes.

So this week, with winter clearance sales everywhere and New Year’s resolutions still fresh, we’d like to ask: How much do you spend on clothes for work? Do you have trouble sticking to a budget? When you answer, let us know if you are male or female and how many years you’ve been in the workforce.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Zen: “… The attorney on my left uses his speakerphone to call the attorney on my right who answers with his speakerphone. We have thin walls, so it’s almost like quadrophonic stereo because I can usually hear both sides of the conversation without the speakerphone. It’s even better when both of their office doors are open. I’ve actually been on the phone and had clients ask me where all of the background noise is coming from! I lobbied for a penalty for excessive speakerphone use but didn’t get anywhere (the two named partners are just as guilty).”

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