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If a biopic was made of your legal life, what would be on your movie poster?

Movies are moving front-and-center this week: This Sunday is the 86th Academy Awards.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: If a biopic was made of your legal life, what would be on your movie poster? This question was suggested by reader Ken Bresler, and he gave some examples: “He went looking for trouble. And found it.” Or: “She sought justice and settled for its shadow.”

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Featured answer:

Posted by KHJ Esq: “During my 3L year, I took a class on 21st-century civil rights issues. It was an amazing class that previewed much of what has been happening with with gay marriage and voting rights cases. One class, the professor decided to play a sketch from Chappelle’s Show called ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’ to illustrate racial microaggressions in a corporate setting. The class had just covered some material that described the effect microaggressions can have on the psyche of an individual, and Chappelle’s skit was a hilarious comical illustration of the concept. Before showing the video, the professor stated: ‘I worked hard to get tenure so I would be able to show this.’ It was one of the highlights of my law school experience.”

This week’s question was suggested by Ken Bresler. Do you have an idea for a future question of the week? If so, contact us.

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