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If You Had a Do-Over, Which Classes Would You Spend More Time on or Take in Law School?

Last week, we noted a survey conducted by George Washington University Law School that asked about 13,500 alumni to list which elective courses they considered the most useful and which classes they wish they had taken. Those results? Alums who had took an evidence class were glad they did, and they wish they had taken corporations.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: If you had a do-over, which classes would you spend more time on or take in law school? Which classes turned out to be the most practical?

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Featured answer:

Posted by public service lawyer: “I love my job, my mom loves her job, my sister loves her job. My dad doesn’t. I learned the notion that you should do what you love, even if it doesn’t make you rich, from my mom. My dad’s attitude towards work has always been that you should do what makes you rich, even if you hate it. Thus, my mom and I are (relatively) poor, but happy, while my dad is rich and miserable. Interestingly, I have major depressive disorder and my mom’s side of the family also tends towards depression, so it seems unlikely that we have the serotonin receptor gene. My dad does not have that depressive tendency.”

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