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If You Had Eight Months to Take a Trip by Yourself, Where Would You Go?

For the past eight months, we’ve been posting updates about former Sidley Austin associate George Tyler Coulson, who on March 11 began a walk from Delaware to San Diego. This week, we noted that he finally reached his destination last week, which was Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego.

So this week, thinking of Coulson and how many of us are preparing for Thanksgiving travel, we’d like to ask you: If you had eight months to take a trip by yourself, where would you go? We’re not looking for answers about working sabbaticals or a productive staycation or spending time with family—but about what parts of your country or the world you’d like to explore and how you’d go about it.

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Featured answer:

Posted by B. McLeod: “At the office, the PC and coffee maker are essential to keep vast workloads moving. At home, the microwave giveth and the treadmill taketh away.”

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