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If your title accurately described your job, what would your business card say?


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While we’ve previously asked you to show us creative lawyer business cards that you’ve encountered (see our gallery), the job title on them is still usually something along the lines of attorney at law.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: If your title accurately described your job, what would the title on your business card say? Disaster Cleanup Specialist? Duchess of Despair? Please include your actual job title and job description along with your submission.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Helen C. “When buying, if you buy, don’t buy at the top of the pricing levels you can afford. Instead, go moderate and get a 10-to-15-year mortgage. You save tens of thousands of dollars on interest and own your home outright in an instant. (It feels like an instant, looking back from 50-plus years.) Best advice money can buy, for free! You’re welcome. (She bows, accepts flowers, bows again gracefully.)”

This week’s question was suggested by Ken Bresler. Do you have an idea for a future question of the week? If so, contact us.

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