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In What May Be a Worldwide First, Genderless Person Is ID'd in Australia

Born biologically male, Norrie May-Welby, now 48, had a sex-change operation and became female 20 years ago.

Now May-Welby has broken new ground and become a person legally recognized as having an unspecified gender, in what may be a world first, the Telegraph reports.

As the Scavenger apparently first reported last week, “zie” (a gender-neutral pronoun) has persuaded the Australian government to issue “hir” a birth-certificate-like document that officially declares May-Welby to be of undetermined gender.

“It surprised me to be told I am the first to get such documentation, but I know I won’t be the last,” says May-Welby in another Scavenger post.

May-Welby reportedly was aided in the quest for a gender-neutral document when medical personnel were unable to determine hir gender.

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