Irked Consumer Puts Alarm in Shipping Box and Wires It for Sound in Effort to Find Laptop Thief

Irked by what he says was the theft of his laptop computer somewhere between a shipping store and the destination to which it was being sent for repairs, a California man found an unusual way to investigate the case himself.

As he demonstrates on a video linked to a KXTV News 10 article, Richard Lynch transformed a seemingly ordinary cardboard box into a trap intended to catch a thief by rigging it with a car alarm and wiring the container for sound.

When the box is shaken, he shows the viewer, the alarm doesn’t go off. But when the box is opened, it does. Shortly after he took the rigged box back to the same shipping store, according to Lynch and the article, there is an apparent sound of the box being opened, followed by the sound of the alarm.

At that point, Lynch, who had been hanging around outside, reportedly rushed in with a video camera and was asked to leave.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department says employees at the store may have opened the box after hearing it make a noise. The store owner says he’s willing to meet with Lynch and listen to his side of the story.

No formal complaint of any kind has been filed concerning the alleged theft, the article notes.

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