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Is Angie’s List getting into the law school ranking business?

A law professor brings news of an unusual alliance at his blog.

The April 1 report, carried on TaxProf Blog: Three legal organizations, including the ABA, are partnering with Angie’s List to publish a new law school ranking based on student reviews.

The blog has this quote, supposedly from an Angie’s List spokesperson: “I realized the need for such a rankings system when I had to hire a plumber last month. Following the U.S. News law school rankings methodology, I tried to select a plumber based on educational qualifications, reputation among other plumbers, and expenditures on their businesses. Then it hit me: I only cared about the reviews of plumbers submitted by their customers. I consulted Angie’s List and found a great plumber, and thought: why not do the same thing for law schools.”

The blog suggests this link for more information.

Meanwhile, another blog known for April Fool’s Day jokes is taking a different tack this year with a quiz on Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. Was the justice born on April Fools’ Day? Is his photo on a fantasy baseball card? The New York Personal Injury Law Blog offers links to the answers.

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