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Did the SOPA / PIPA Internet Blackout Protest Affect Your Workday?


Intellectual property law is in the national spotlight. Today, Wikipedia’s English-language site—as well as BoingBoing, Reddit, and several others—went dark to protest two bills moving through Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act. The intent of the legislation is to prevent the sale of illegally copied movies and music on pirate websites. Protesting Internet companies say the legislation will curtail technology innovation and encourage censorship.

So we’d like to ask you: Is the SOPA / PIPA Internet blackout protest affecting your workday—whether you actually use Wikipedia in the course of your legal research and practice or visit it and the other protesting sites as a welcome distraction?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by PubIntLawyer: “Strangest ever was: ‘Make up an unusual pet with a strange color, give it a name, and tell me a funny story about how it died.’ —at an interview with a public defender’s office. That was a tough one. All I can say is I’ll always miss my purple gecko, Gerald. I did not receive an offer.”

Posted by Alexis: “If Satan were to magically appear before you and ask what type of pastry you would like to be turned into, what pastry would you choose?”

Posted by Susan: “I didn’t get the question but I heard it asked by a colleague. ‘How would you make a hot dog?’ He asked it of our legal intern candidates. It actually turned out that the answers were helpful in us selecting a candidate, but I thought it was really weird.”

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