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Is Your Smartphone Your 21st Century Swiss Army Knife?

Over at Advocate’s Studio, law blogger Martha Perry writes about the proliferation of smartphones and wonders whether these handy pocket devices are the modern equivalent of the Swiss Army knife.

“Applications, much like the little tools that pop out of all corners of a Swiss Army knife, meet any and all needs. Eminently customizable, devices like the iPhone really do serve as high-tech duct tape,” she writes.

Perry details an experience that started with Twitter and e-mail and ultimately turned a business lead into a client. All the while, Perry used her iPhone to make the most out of her family’s vacation by checking the weather, finding restaurants and attractions, and sharing videos.

This made us wonder about how you most use your smartphone. Besides fielding phone calls and checking e-mail, how do you use your smartphone to meet your on-the-go needs?

In the comment field below, tell us whether you’ve used your phone to keep grandma flush with pix of the kids, have a vast array of applications to find restaurants and calculate tips, or whether, like Perry, you’ve found ways to use the device to close a deal or land a client.

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