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Isn't That Question Illegal?


An ABAJ Daily News blog post this week and initial comments about how women, especially working moms, face more bias than their male counterparts when it comes time for annual reviews got us talking around the water cooler about our own experiences.

Anecdotes abound. This made us wonder about your evaluation experiences and whether you faced discriminatory questions during any interviews.

So tell us about your job review horror stories. And answer this question if you can …

What’s the most blatantly illegal question a prospective employer has asked you during a job interview?

Respond in the comments below.

Read last week’s nostalgic question and answers about ballpark memories.

Our favorite answer from last week:

Posted by Jason M. Massaro: “As a south side Chicago boy, my father would always take me and my older brother to see the White Sox. We always showed up with our oiled mitts that we had put in the oven to soften up. It was always the case that any home run hit even remotely close to us was at least once a game “caught” by my father who would then give me the ball. In reality, what he always did was come to the game witrh a ball and give me the “souvenir” to put on the shelf in my room. Sometimes he would forget the ball and have to buy one there. Even though I would see the markings on the brand new ball and knew what was going on, I still played along. His attention made the day that much more special and to this day as I drive down the Ryan Expressway into Chicago and see the field I smile and laugh at the times we spent there. And, I still have all of the balls. Probably worth a fortune I’m sure. LOL”

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