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After reading the most 'intentionally disrespectful' jury form he'd ever seen, judge scolds couple

Running late for work one day, Tina Keller asked her boyfriend to fill out a jury summons form. Bad idea.

Drayke Jacobs-Van-Tol responded to questions such as “How many children do you have” with smart-aleck answers, including “none survived the abortions” and “The NSA knows everything. Ask them.”

That led to a contempt citation for the 25-year-old woman and a Lackawanna County, Pa., court appearance Tuesday in which both she and Jacobs-Van-Tol, 23, apologized, according to the Associated Press and the Times-Tribune.

Judge Vito Geroulo called the filled-out form the most “intentionally disrespectful” he’d ever seen and gave the couple a scolding in which he warned Keller that she could have been jailed. But then he dismissed the contempt case.

Keller completed another jury summons form—appropriately—before leaving the courthouse. The Times-Tribune provides a link to the earlier form with the original answers.

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