Supreme Court Nominations

Kagan End-of-Week Coverage Roundup

At the conclusion of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings on the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan for a seat on the nation’s top court, the ABA Journal’s reporter at the hearings is debriefed by the magazine’s U.S. Supreme Court editor.

Other highlights of today’s coverage include:

Justice Thurgood Marshall’s son defends his famous dad, who has been a target of criticism in the Kagan hearings. (

Kagan is expected to be confirmed, albeit with little bipartisan support. (Washington Post)

Confirmation hearings for Kagan, like those of earlier Supreme Court nominees, devoid of insight into candidate’s judicial philosophy. (Politico)

Republican leaders say they intend to vote against Kagan’s confirmation. (Caucus blog of New York Times)

Miguel Estrada is “surprise winner” of Kagan confirmation hearings. (Liveshots blog of Fox News)

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