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Lady Gaga Threatens Suit re 'Baby Gaga' Human Breast Milk Ice Cream Sold at UK Eatery

News reports that a London eatery was selling “Baby Gaga” ice cream made of human breast milk initially sparked health concerns and scrunched-up faces from those to whom the product seemed a bit disgusting.

But now the nearly $23 dish sold briefly by the Icecreamists has another objector—Lady Gaga. Not only does the name of the dish infringe on her trademark, she complains, but the server—as a Daily Mail article with multiple photos would seem to substantiate—is a Lady Gaga lookalike, CBS reports.

In a cease-and-desist letter, the celebrity demanded that the shop stop using the Gaga name to promote its product.

However, in Friday post on The Official Blog of the Icecreamists, founder Matt O’Connor called the entertainer’s demands untimely, since “Baby Gaga” has already been taken off the market.

“It is worth noting that this ice cream was on sale for just a few hours before it was banned by Westminster Council, so it’s not as if it’s been a best seller for a parlor where the paint is barely dry and the doors open just over a week,” he writes. “Nobody seems to have told her it is no longer for sale.”

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