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Law Student Says 'Legally Blonde' and Rudolph Giuliani Inspired Her to Run for NY Senate Seat


Mindy Meyer
Photo via campaign site

Mindy Meyer doesn’t pretend to be familiar with the political views of New York’s governor.

But that isn’t preventing the 22-year-old Touro College law student from running for a Brooklyn seat on the state senate, in a longshot campaign branded by the color pink, according to the New York Post and a bio page on her campaign website.

She had been considering a possible run for a New York City Council seat, then realized that this year it was possible to seek higher office, Meyer tells the newspaper. Her leading opponent for the 21st District seat is incumbent Democrat Kevin Parker.

In seeking a senate seat, she tells the Post, she is following the same muse that inspired her to matriculate at Touro’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center–Elle Woods. (The fictional pink-clad heroine of the hit movie Legally Blonde, for those who don’t recall the movie, is inspired to gain admission to Harvard Law School’s first-year class so that she can be with her college boyfriend. Then, utilizing not only sex appeal and a knack for connecting with people but intellectual skills, the brainy Elle goes on to achieve what those who can’t see past her surface persona consider startling success.)

“She showed me that you can take pink and bring it to the most highfaluted legal institution such as Harvard, so why can’t I bring it to the Senate?” says Meyer.

An article in the Jewish Daily Forward, however, says it’s not Elle Woods of Legally Blonde but former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani that Meyer really considers her political role model.

Whatever voters may think of what the New York Post calls Meyer’s “sparkly website fame,” she does clearly have a knack for capturing public attention, the magazine notes.

“What do you lose by voting for me? Kevin Parker showed you, for ten years he screwed up,” she told a man on the street as she drove around her district with the Forward. “By putting me up there, do you have anything to lose? Nothing!”

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