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Lawyers in Love Share Romance Tips; 'It's a Cockroach, Isn't It?'

In a legal romance story sparked by Valentine’s Day, four lawyers happily married to other lawyers share their experiences of successful relationships.

And wining and dining a prospective partner at expensive restaurants isn’t necessarily required, according to Elizabeth Crowder, who was working as a Dallas County assistant district attorney when she met Mr. Right.

After being promoted to handle a felony court call, Crowder began dating her former misdemeanor court judge, Keith Dean, in the late 1980s. And, while he believed that a gentleman pays for his date’s lunch, he didn’t believe in overpaying, Dean tells Texas Lawyer.

“They were dives, the places we went to,” she says now of her lunches with Dean. “At one of them he slammed his napkin down, and I said, ‘It’s a cockroach, isn’t it?’ “

She considers Dean, who she married in his courtroom in 1991, after he proposed one day by saying “we ought to get married,” the smartest and funniest person she knows. On his side, he says the two are “still giggly” even after 19 years.

Once they were married, however, Crowder put her foot down about the lunch-dive dates, she tells the legal publication. “He probably still goes to some of those places, but not with me.”

For more stories of lawyers who lived happily ever after, read the full article.

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