Legal Consultant's Summer Success Tips: Don't Underdress, Overimbibe or Date Anyone at Work

For those striving to make a positive impression in legal jobs over the summer, simply avoiding negative attention can be a significant career enhancer, a consultant recommends.

Don’t make yourself memorable for what you did (or didn’t) wear. Don’t do drugs of any kind or drink excessively. And avoid office romance at all costs, whether it involves a partner, associate, fellow summer clerk or a member of the staff, writes Frank Kimball on Lateral Link.

“Even if your firm has a legendary ‘frat boy’ or ‘hard partying’ reputation, you are far wiser to err on the side of caution,” he writes. “Did you hear the one about the lawyer who drove the golf cart into the swimming pool at the summer outing? How about the one about the lawyer who couldn’t swim and dove fully clothed off the high dive board? How about the summer associate who fell down getting out of the taxi after a four-hour lunch and went face forward in front of the managing partner?

“True? Yep. Funny? Nope. Job offer? Not likely.”

Hat tip: Above the Law

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