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Legal Gender-Bender: Dad-to-Be Pregnant

How does the law relate to a pregnant dad? Some folks in a central Oregon resort town are about to find out.

Originally born female, a transgender man in the city of Bend is now legally Thomas Beatie, married to Nancy. Because his wife had her uterus removed, however, and he retained his despite sex-change surgery, the couple focused on him when they decided to try to have a child several years ago, reports the Oregonian.

“So Beatie stopped testosterone injections, and menstrual periods returned within four months. He says he conceived through artificial insemination at home with sperm bought from a sperm bank and that he didn’t take fertility drugs,” the Portland newspaper recounts.

He tells his story in an upcoming issue of the Advocate, a national gay publication, and it has been picked up by other media.

So far, their biggest problem has been that some doctors have refused to treat him during his pregnancy, Beatie writes. But further legal issues appear likely, in a situation that creates obvious questions, starting, perhaps, with how he will be listed on the baby’s birth certificate.

“Our situation sparks legal, political and social unknowns,” his account continues. “We have only begun experiencing opposition from people who are upset by our situation.”

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