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Mich. Judge Pays 12-Year-Old Parking Ticket

After a local newspaper reporter told him last week that he had an unpaid $50 parking ticket from 12 years previously in Flint district court, a Michigan judge immediately anted up.

Genesee Circuit Chief Judge Archie Hayman paid the ticket within an hour, the Flint Journal reports.

He said he hadn’t known about the ticket, which was on a car that he had purchased for his mother, although it was in his name. And he pointed out that a 2006 notification was sent after he had moved from a prior address, the newspaper notes.

Two other local judges also reportedly owed a total of over $300 in tickets, combined. One judge said he had already paid them, after the Flint Journal brought the situation to light, and the other judge said she intends to do so.

Hat tip: Detroit Free Press.

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