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NBA to Ban Flopping, But Won't Prohibit Hack-a-Shaq Strategy

Clear cases of theatrical “flopping” to the floor in response to claimed fouls on the basketball court will bring NBA fines next year, but intentional fouls meant to take advantage of a particular player’s poor foul-shooting skills won’t incur additional penalties. The latter strategy is known as “Hack-a-Shaq,” because it is often used against Shaquille O’Neal.

The planned flopping fines were announced by the National Baskeball Association to teams this week at the annual pre-draft camp, reports ESPN.

“The league office has yet to determine exact fine amounts for offending flops and how fines might escalate for repeat offenders, but in-game arena observers and video reviewers will be instructed to report instances of theatrical flopping for potential punishment as part of postgame reports on officiating and other matters,” the sports network writes.

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