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Horn-honking is ‘small town terrorism,’ says man in suit against 40 neighbors

Posted Sep 11, 2013 1:12 PM CDT
By Mark Hansen

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An Ohio man is suing 40 of his neighbors for allegedly honking their car horns near his home.

Garrick Krlich of Hubbard contends that the horn-honking constitutes harassment, WKBN.com reports.

Krlich has a website where he posts police reports and civil protection orders he's filed, along with a dramatic retelling of the story: "The Krlichs lie awake, listening ... waiting ... and then come the sounds of the roaring engines, the screeching tires — and the horns. Horns that seem to be screaming 'Go away! Leave! Never come back!'"

"You come home and there is non-stop horn blowing and you would rather stay at work and not even come to your house," Krlich told the station.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, alleges that the excessive horn-honking stems from a real estate dispute with one of his neighbors. Krlich, who says the honking has caused him and his wife emotional distress, is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.

Along with Krlich's neighbor in the real estate dispute, the suit names a police officer and a firefighter as defendants.

James Wynne, one of the named defendants, said the suit was frivolous. He said Krlich had tried and failed to get a civil protection order against him because he was able to show he was honking his horn at a friend and not Krlich.

"I thought it was over with and now I read that he's suing me," Wynne said.

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