Family Law

PI Switches Sides, Offers Alibis for Affairs

After 20 years of working as a private investigator, Regine Mourizard decided there had to be a better way of handling extramarital affairs.

So the 50-year-old French mother of two switched sides, and opened a company to help clients construct ironclad alibis that will persuade even the most suspicious spouse, reports the Associated Press. For a fee ranging from $27 to $207 or more, her business can concoct explanations for a spouse’s absence based on “weekend seminars, fake emergency phone calls from work, invitations to nonexistent weddings” and the like—and provide fictitious documentation of the illegitimate excuse, the article explains. Mourizard’s Internet-based company, called Ibila, is reportedly the second such business in Europe.

She says her business—which also can make travel arrangements for an illicit rendevous or secretly buy gifts for a paramour—is legal, because it doesn’t involve financial fraud or forged documents. Fake hotel bills, for instance, involve fictional hotels.

“For 20 years, I worked to keep people from doing what they wanted to do,” Mourizard says. “And I then thought, ‘what if I help them do it, in a safe way?’ “

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