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Protesters at Scalia Speech Fling Condoms, Unfurl 'Court of the Conqueror' Banner

Justice Antonin Scalia encountered protesters in Connecticut on Thursday when he gave a speech for Wesleyan University’s annual Hugo Black Lecture on Freedom of Expression.

Outside the school’s Memorial Chapel, a group of about 50 protesters calling itself the Scalia Welcoming Committee chanted slogans to protest the Citizens United decision and carried signs that read “The GOP Hates Women” and “Republicans Love the Rich.” A 4-year-old struggled in the wind to hold a sign that read, “Look Mom, No Future.” The Middletown Press, the Associated Press and the Hartford Courant have stories.

After his speech, protesters in the balcony unfurled a banner that read, “There can be no justice in the court of the conqueror.” They also flung condoms with stickers reading, “Stops more abortions than Scalia.”

“That’s very persuasive,” Scalia told the protesters. During his speech, Scalia said the First Amendment should be interpreted using an originalist approach.

“In fact, it would be not much use to have a First Amendment, for example, if the freedom of speech included only what some future generation wanted it to include,” Scalia said. “That would guarantee nothing all.”

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