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What Are Your Must-Have Gadgets, and Why?

Last month, Law Technology News wrote an article describing must-have software and gadgets for paralegals. Among the article’s suggestions: Google Docs, a Livescribe Pen and a list of six iPad apps.

Practical Paralegalism blogger Lynne DeVenny saw the article and tweeted: “What are your must-have gadgets? Mine are my iPhone, iPad, & Keurig coffee maker :)”

So this week, we repeat DeVenny’s question: What are your must-have gadgets, and why? Also tell us: What gadgets and software do you need but not have? Household appliances such as coffee makers are eligible.

Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week’s question: What Judge Would You Like to Watch on TV, And Why?

Featured answer:

Posted by John: “Scalia? Roberts? (Both?) Each is reasonably good on camera. And it would get them off the Supreme Court bench. Scalia could have a whole second career as a film narrator or audiobook reader.”

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