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Snakes-in-a-cab prankster isn't worried about regulator trouble; riders signed releases afterward

A comedian who taped cab passengers’ reaction to a 14-foot Burmese python says the riders all signed releases afterward.

Comedian and former cab driver Jimmy Failla made the video to promote his new book, report the Huffington Post, the New York Post and the Gothamist. The video shows New York passengers shrieking and cursing when they see the snake, either as they enter the cab or as they are riding in it. One passenger threatens Failla and his snake.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission failed to see the humor in the prank. “This was monumentally poor judgment on the driver’s part, and we are clearly going to actively question this person’s suitability to continue holding a TLC license,” spokesman Allan Fromberg told the New York Post and the Huffington Post.

Failla still has a cab license, though he doesn’t regularly drive a cab. He rented the cab from a medallion owner to tape the prank. If the Taxi and Limousine Commission tries to pull Failla’s license, an administrative judge will make the call.

Failla tells the New York Post he’s not worried about losing his taxi license because driving a cab is “the worst job in the world.”

“The snake was real and nothing was scripted,” Failla’s publicist told the Gothamist. “Jimmy said they got releases from everyone afterward.”

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