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Some Lawyers Try New Health Trend, the 'Exercise Commute'

A new health trend offers a double benefit for busy lawyers: By exercising while en route to work, they save time.

And they also get where they need to go, because the exercise, in fact, is the commute, explains the MisFits blog of the Washington Post.

Among afficionados of the “exercise commute,” generally accomplished on foot or riding a bicycle, is attorney Brad Wine, 40. He used simply to run 10 miles a week, but then realized he could kill two birds with one stone by running to work.

“It was a real sense of accomplishment,” he tells the newspaper. “I’ve lived in D.C. since 1988, and I’d never run someplace.”

Legal secretary Charmaine Ruppolt, 52, of McKenna, Long & Aldridge rides her bike daily to the law firm’s offices on K Street from Arlington. She says the exercise helps her stay healthy.

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