Sotomayor reveals her smile took a lot of work


Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed another bit of her personal life during an appearance on Wednesday evening when a dental hygienist asked if she wore dentures.

Sotomayor said she didn’t wear dentures, but her smile was the result of a lot of work by a dentist she met through a mutual friend, the Washington Post reports.

On that first meeting, the dentist said she suspected Sotomayor didn’t smile very often because she was ashamed of her teeth. Sotomayor says the dentist was right; her mother’s strong iron supplements had led to children with poor teeth.

Sotomayor agreed to dental work and became such good friends with the dentist that Sotomayor is godmother to the dentist’s son. “So for those of you who have things that affect your self-image, there are things that can be done about it,” Sotomayor said.

“Those are the things you should look at, because those are the things that can help you feel better about yourself,” Sotomayor said. “And that really did help me. I started opening myself to other people.”

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