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Stunned Chicago pizzeria waitress is latest to benefit, via $500 tip, from stranger's bequest

In a number of families, even a will drafted by a lawyer is subject to challenge, formally or informally, as relatives fight for a piece of the pie.

But the survivors of a Kentucky man who committed suicide last year have found a way to create assets he didn’t have, utilizing crowdfunding to honor what they say was his final request, in a will found on his computer, to leave an “awesome” $500 tip for a waiter or waitress after ordering a pizza.

For the 56th time since Aaron Collins’ death on July 7 last year, his brother, Seth, on Thursday handed a $500 cash tip to an unsuspecting server. This time it was Vanessa Goldschmidt, 34, who had just served him a tomato and basil deep-dish at Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago’s upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The plan is for Seth Collins to drive around the country and hand out such tips in all 50 states by Christmas. What he describes as a $60,000 account obtained through crowdfunding is held by a Kentucky nonprofit that will pay tips to local servers there, according to the newspaper and a website promoting the venture that was set up by Collins. He raised $5,600 to fund his current trip through, the Tribune says.

“I’m like shaking right now. Are you kidding?” Goldschmidt told Collins on Thursday, after he explained about his brother and handed her the money, along with a postcard featuring Aaron’s photo. “Oh, my gosh. I’m shaking right now. That’s amazing.”

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