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Tech gadgets lawyers should leave at home on business trips

You won’t see tech-savvy lawyers juggling multiple phones, tablets or cameras through airport security points. Lugging around fewer tech toys saves time and eases travel burdens on business trips, Legal Technology News reports.

For lawyers who jet it for work, Legal Technology News identifies 10 items to skip, including:

A second phone. Cheap replacement phones are ubiquitous at most major discount stores and Web-based phone and video chat services like Skype and Google Voice will suffice on the chance a primary device disappears or suffers serious damage.

Tablets and netbooks. They underwhelm in power and as business tools compared to the latest light-weight full-size notebooks. For entertainment, a basic Kindle or Nook are lighter and cheaper than most tablets.

Portable printers. Increasingly not worth the trouble with more firms favoring PDF files and other types of electronic documents and compared to the ease of dropping into a hotel’s business center, nearby FedEx Office outlet or UPS store for printouts.

Alarm clock. Does anyone still travel with a separate alarm clock? Smart phone alarm clock apps are easy and reliable.

Data storage devices. Tech-savvy lawyers choose reliability and convenience over cost and capacity and often choose SD cards and cloud-based data storage services over portable hard drives and CDs.

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