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Tell Us About the Best Law School Professor You Ever Had


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All over the nation, school years are coming to a close, and many law school graduates have just left teachers and classrooms—well, aside from bar exam prep—behind them forever.

So this week, at the suggestion of a reader, we’d like to ask you to tell us about the best law school professor you ever had (or have had so far, if you’re still a law student). How did he or she make an impact on you?

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Featured answers:

Posted by DCW: “I’m a young male associate. I do not curse in the company of partners and senior associates, and never at work. I will use the occasional curse word at social outings with other associates. I think that it is unprofessional at work and, when used in anger at work, it really shows an inability to cope with a situation. In essence, it’s a sign of weakness. Around here, that’s a bad thing.”

Posted by John Davidson: “There is another family lawyer that I’ve been dealing with for over four years. Rather then have in-your-face angry phone calls, we just start off with a quick ‘FU’ to which the other replies, ‘FU.’ After that, we settle down and get down to business.”

This week’s question was suggested by P.J. Gammarano. Do you have an idea for a future question of the week? If so, contact us.

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