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Tell Us About the Worst Boss or Co-Worker You've Ever Had at a Law Job


This week, we talked to the operator of eBossWatch, a site that allows workers to investigate would-be employers by seeing how others who have worked with them have rated them on the site.

Even though the site names names, founder Asher Adelman says he doesn’t fear libel suits because he reasons that its boss reviews consist of opinion statements that reviewers can either agree or disagree with, and statements of opinion cannot by definition be considered libelous.

After asking for your intern horror stories two weeks ago, it seems only fair for this week to ask you to tell us about the worst boss or co-worker you’ve ever had at a law job.

We ask that you not answer eBossWatch style—please don’t name names or workplaces. Instead, answer in the style of the “stress-relieving humor” blog “That’s My Boss, in which all posts are curated first-person horror stories about horrible bosses and co-workers in all sorts of jobs.

When we first noticed That’s My Boss” last month, we saw a couple of posts in which readers complained about their lawyer bosses: One described a “somewhat well known attorney in NY” who chastised employees for such “unprofessional” acts as eating oatmeal at the office while he thought nothing of his own profanity-laden tirades while clients were present; another described how an attorney at her firm would bark requests at his assistant from his desk—once to ask her where a file was when the file was actually on his lap.

Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week’s question: Did You Ever Skip a Law School Class—And Have Dramatic Consequences?

Featured answer:

Posted by MAGK: “I interned at legal services for a course. In addition to many hours at legal services helping people with their legal problems, we also had to attend a ridiculous 2-hour weekly class in which we learned precious little. Unlike my fellow students who barely made it to this class, I attended every class but one. Unfortunately, the one I missed was the one in which the professor spoke about the final. I got the hand out from my friend and made sure to model my final like the example in the handout. I only found out later that the hand out was given as an example of what NOT to write! As a result, I didn’t do great on the final, which lowered my entire course grade. This was enough to change my entire GPA so instead of graduating magna cum laude, I only graduated cum laude. It still annoys me, even though it has been over 20 years since I graduated from law school! Missing one course had an enormous effect!”

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