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What's the most creative lawyer business card you've ever seen?


Photo of Kevin Mitnick's business card
by Ran Yaniv Hartstein.

This week, a co-worker got his hands on the business card for a well-known hacker. It’s a metal card containing a complete set of lock-picking tools.

The pure genius of the card made us wonder what creative business cards lawyers have dreamed up. We’ve seen several great ones and have begun collecting them on a Pinterest board.

This week we’d like you to tell us about the most creative lawyer business cards or person-to-person marketing by lawyers. If you have a copy to send us, email it to us.

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer: “I try to maintain a sense of humor, a lesson I learned from Judge Joanne Ellinghaus-Jones (District Court of Maryland for Carroll County). I was present in her courtroom many years ago when a male attorney arguing a case before her referred to her as ‘Hon.’ There were audible gasps from those present, then the courtroom became silent. All eyes were on Judge Jones awaiting her reaction. She paused, knotted her brow, leaned forward, and said ‘That’s Judge Hon to you.’ Her point was made, the tension was broken, and laughter ensued.”

Posted by: E. Suzan Miller

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