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Two Men Sue Over ‘Exploding’ Escargot Incident That Marred B-Day Celebration

Posted Nov 16, 2010 3:40 PM CDT
By Molly McDonough

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Two California men are suing a San Rafael restaurant, claiming a birthday celebration was ruined when escargot they ordered exploded, spewing hot butter on their faces and shirts.

Chadwick St.-OHarra and Steve Righetti filed suit in Marin Superior Court's small claims division over the June incident at the Seafood Peddler, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

The two were celebrating Righetti's birthday when the escargot is alleged to have exploded, spraying butter and temporarily impairing St.-OHarra's vision.

The two likely wouldn't have resorted to litigation, the paper says in a tongue-and-cheek report, had "restaurant personnel displayed sufficient remorse at the scene of the slime."

"It was the indifference," St.-OHarra is quoted saying. "It was the friggin' rudeness."

St.-OHarra is identified as a former law student who now works as an information technology executive.

Neither man sought medical treatment and both reportedly finished their meal. A later claim filed by them was rejected by the restaurant's insurance carrier, the paper reports.

The restaurant denies the allegations or that escargot can explode. But the Marin Independent Journal tracked down a chef who says, while rare, escargot do explode on occasion.


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