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Law in Peepular Culture

Voting Opens on 4th Annual Peeps in Law Contest

Posted Apr 5, 2012 11:14 AM CDT
By Lee Rawles

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Poll: Which Peeps diorama should win in 2012?

This poll ended on Thu, April 12, 2012 - 4:00:35.


  • The Trial of the Donner Party
    607 votes (35.96%)
  • Protestors Peeper-Sprayed at UC Davis
    542 votes (32.11%)
  • It's Not A Woman's Issue; It's a Peep-le's Issue
    230 votes (13.63%)
  • The Peeple vs Larry Flint
    100 votes (5.92%)
  • Helmpeep v. Alpha Peep Omega Fraternity
    87 votes (5.15%)
  • Preamble in Eight Parts
    49 votes (2.9%)
  • The Dead Kennepeeps vs. Jello Peepafra
    31 votes (1.84%)
  • Marshmallowy Report
    17 votes (1.01%)
  • Cloddy Dumbkins, Parts 1 and 2
    14 votes (0.83%)
  • Peeps Sitting in Plain View
    11 votes (0.65%)
Total Votes: 1688


It's that special time of year, the time when we all gather round to judge Peeps dioramas with all due seriousness.

We had quite a showing this year. Rob Gancitano of Foodage.com produced a series of eight dioramas to illustrate the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. The prolific commenter "B. McLeod" wrote and recorded a ballad along with his two dioramas. A special shout-out goes to Aaron Ryel, a student teacher at Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, whose two 11th grade Law and Civics classes constructed 10 Peeps dioramas on the theme of evidence searches. ("Ladies, is that cocaine?")

But now, it's time to rule on our finalists. Which deserve our prizes of $100, $50 and $25 gift baskets from Peeps & Co.? Only you can choose. Our 10 finalists appear below, followed by the poll in which you can vote for your favorite diorama. Polls close at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 12. Let the games begin!

Honorable Mentions:

Pour some corn syrup on the curb for Osterlind v. Peep, We are the 99 Peepcent, We the Peeps, Strict Liabili-Peep and Dangerous Animals, My Peep Vinny and Peepsters Rolling Dirty on a Summer Day.


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