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What attributes will you (or did you) consider when deciding where to practice law?


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Earlier this month at Unwashed Advocate, Eric Mayer, a lawyer based in Overland Park, Kansas, wrote about his eventual desire to relocate to small-town Colby, Kansas.

He arrived at this conclusion in part based on Colby’s availability of work, air quality, availability of services, weather, things to do, cost of living and quality of work.

What looks good to Mayer may also look good to you—or not. So this week we’d like to ask you: What attributes will you (or did you) consider when deciding where to practice law? What other elements would be on your own checklist? And based on what you’re looking for in a location—are you living where you want to be?

Answer in the comments. And answer the poll (multiple times, if needed) to let us know which items on Mayer’s checklist matter to you.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Perspective: “Twenty years ago when I was a senior associate, a very big plaintiff’s civil case came in that required a TRO on short notice. The big rainmaker who brought it in left a couple of messages for a litigation partner who did not return his calls. So in frustration, he came to me and asked me to handle it—basically because he could not find an available litigation partner. So I jumped in (terrified, to be honest), and got the TRO. After bonding with the clients, they told the rainmaker that they would just as soon have me as their lead counsel. So I went on to handle the case, which was very high-profile in our jurisdiction, and to try it before a jury against one of the largest firms in our area of the country. We won (again, in all honesty, mostly because of the facts of the case) and almost overnight, the phone started to ring with referrals in that area. I’m now a practice group chair in that area in a large firm and am living happily ever after.”

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