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What Does Your Work Space Say About You?


Photo from Bart E. Ecker. "This is a picture of an
associate's office! HELP!"

Last week, we noted that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley keeps giraffe figurines on her desk. Why? “No two have the same spots, and they stick their neck out,” she told the Boston Globe. Coakley is also inspired by her desktop photo of Eleanor Roosevelt and a quote from the famous first lady: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

So this week, we want to ask: What’s on your desk? What does your work space tell your colleagues and clients about you?

Answer in the comments. And if you want to take a photo of your desk or work space for us to share with other readers, send us an email.

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Featured answer:

Posted on Facebook by Timothy B. McCormick: “I’m a man, and my wife and I both changed to my mother’s maiden name. Of course this was because my last name at birth was ‘Beer,’ and her first name was ‘Ginger.’ True story.”

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